UU 102: Understanding Storage for Distribution Grids and Behind-the-Meter

Jan 25, 2022
C141, First Level
Utility University

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The hype around storage is only matched by the need for storage as the grid transforms.  This course will provide the following information:

  • Fact-based comparison between the different types of storage available
  • An understanding of the characteristics of storage 
    • 11 different types of standard batteries,  
    • 7 different kinds of flow batteries, and  
    • 24 different types of non-battery storage (e.g., hydrogen, ammonia, small pumped hydro, etc.).  

Safety, capital cost, O&M cost, facility life, storage life, ramp rates, charge time, round trip efficiency, etc. 

  • Discussion of uses cases, duration, and value  
  • Regulations and compliance standards for storage including an introduction to NFPA855
  • An understanding of which questions to ask storage vendors.

Who should attend:

Energy industry professionals want to have basic knowledge about energy storage in order to help identify which type of storage will meet their needs.  

This course is designed to be jargon-free and provide a basic understanding of storage in layman’s terms. It is useful for all levels from final decision-makers to line engineers.


  1. Introduce the concepts of storage and storage use cases
  2. To provide a background on the key characteristics of storage
  3. To introduce storage options that are useful for the distribution grid
  4. To introduce storage options that are useful behind the meter
  5. To provide a comparison between the storage options based on one standard storage type
  6. To provide lessons learned based on installed storage
  7. To equip the attendees with a set of key questions to ask when starting a storage project.


  1. Use cases
  2. Storage characteristics
  3. Storage types
  4. Storage type pros & cons
  5. Lessons learned from 7 GW of storage installation and operation
  6. Key buying questions that should be asked
  7. Standards and regulations that apply
Doug Houseman, Principal Consultant - 1898 & Co. a division of Burns & McDonnell
Dan Ernstmann, Consultant, Grid Modernization - 1898 & Co., Part of Burns & McDonnell