UU 202: Outage Management Fundamentals

Jan 25, 2022
C144, First Level
Utility University

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The purpose of this course is to educate students on: 

  • The role of Outage Management Systems (OMS) at utilities 
  • The core OMS modules and functions  
  • The role of GIS models in OMS 
  • How Emergency Management practices are being embraced and used by utilities 
  • How customer communications are evolving related to outages

Attendees will acquire:

Learn about: 

  • Outage Management System Modules and Capabilities 
  • Outage communications  
  • ADMS and OMS operations business processes and trends 
  • Maintaining OMS models 
  • Seattle City Light’s OMS (a case study)
  • Use of OMS at CenterPoint Energy and one other utility in both blue sky days and during storms 
  • Overview of the future directions of OMS  

Who should attend:

  • New OMS (and ADMS) end-users 
  • OMS administrators 
  • Control Center Managers 
  • Customer Service managers 
  • People involved in the procurement of a new or replacement OMS or ADMS. 

Prerequisite skills, knowledge, certifications: 

  • A limited and/or minimal understanding of electric utility practices 
  • No IT, OMS, or emergency management experience needed


  • Understanding of OMS functional capabilities and overview of OMS components
  • Understanding of the key success factors for procuring, deploying, and upgrading an OMS
  • Understanding of OMS business practices and concrete lessons learned from other utilities on how they deployed and used their OMS
Terry Nielsen, Executive Vice President - GridBright
Zac Canders, CEO/Co-Founder - DataCapable
Scott Thomsen, Director of Communications and Public Affairs - Ventura County Fire Department
Kevin Ding, Director, Advanced Digital Systems - CenterPoint Energy
David Vanderbloemen, Consultant - DV Consulting, LLC