UU 204: DNP3 Overview: Keeping Current

Jan 25, 2022
C146, First Level
Utility University

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In this course the Chair of the IEEE DNP Technical Committee will explain the philosophy (and terminology) underpinning IEEE Standard 1815 (DNP3); explain its structural components and clarify a number of areas that people sometimes find difficult to grasp. Some lesser-known features of DNP3 and current developments will also be discussed. The course is structured to encourage attendees to question or discuss any aspect of DNP3 or SCADA systems that interest them, without being restricted to the course’s topic areas. 


  • DNP3 Philosophy & Terminology
  • Addressing
  • Data Models, Data Types & Structures
  • Data Collection & Control Mechanisms
  • DNP3 Classes
  • DNP3 Subset Levels
  • Less well-known features:
    • Engineering
    • Cybersecurity
    • Mapping to IEC 61850
    • DER applications
    • Conformance Testing

Prerequisites skills, knowledge, certifications: 

Attendees should have familiarity with SCADA systems but are not required to have detailed knowledge of DNP3.

Who should attend:

Engineers and technicians are responsible for the design, specification, configuration, installation, and fault-finding of SCADA equipment that uses DNP3 for the transmission of SCADA data.


This course discusses modern SCADA concepts and describes how they are supported in the DNP3 SCADA protocol. Attendees will gain an understanding of the design concepts of DNP3. The needs of both implementers (equipment manufacturers) and end-users (system engineers) will be addressed. Attendees who already have familiarity with DNP3 will gain clarity in understanding “why” things are done as they are, not just “how”.


Why DNP3 is structured as it is & How to use DNP3 for best effect

Andrew West, Regional Technical Director - SUBNET Solutions Inc.
Derrick Mack, Substation Integration Specialist - SUBNET Solutions Inc.