UU 205: IEEE 1547-2018 Interoperability: Accelerating DER Integration

Jan 25, 2022
C147, First Level
Utility University

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The purpose of this course is to educate utility, regulator, and vendor decision-makers and implementers on the new IEEE 1547.1 Interoperability requirements (section 10 in IEEE 1547-2018); help the audience understand what is/is not included in certified UL 1741 SB products vis-à-vis interoperability; provide guidance on the implications of the new Interoperability requirement for utilities, regulators and vendors; and to suggest strategies for leveraging the game-changing inverter technology.     

This course describes the fundamental challenges in integrating inverter-based DERs into grid operations and the significant changes being implemented by inverter vendors to enable more scalable interoperability between all systems in the Grid-DER management infrastructure.  

Who should attend:

The course is aimed at those decision-makers and implementers working on short-term and long-term strategic plans for scaling DER integration into grid operations.  The understanding and adoption of standard communications protocols for inverter-based communications are critical to success. 

The course is aimed at senior executives, product managers, engineers, software developers, system architects, and IT professionals who are planning to (or in the process of) design, integrate, or maintain a scalable DER communications infrastructure using standard communication protocols.

Prerequisite skills, knowledge, certifications:

Attendees should have a working knowledge of DER products and capabilities as defined by IEEE 1547-2018.   Experience with DER interconnection requirements and management of DERs would be beneficial but not required.  Experience in the field is probably more important as a pre-requisite than specific degrees or certifications.


The course will cover a high-level view of the following topics. Workshop attendees should gain significant knowledge about the following: 

  • Use cases for DER and examples used in the course. 
  • Communications deployment architectures for DER communications. 
  • Messaging requirements for select DER communications applications. 
  • Introduction to the 3 named communications protocols in IEEE 1547-2018: SunSpec Modbus, IEEE 2030.5, and DNP3. 
  • Comparison of protocols and assessment against DER messaging requirements. 
  • What is/is not included in UL 1741 SB certification. 
  • UL 1741 SB and protocol certifications for SunSpec Modbus, IEEE 2030.5 and DNP3 
  • Guidance for specifying interoperable communications for DER integration applications that leverage IEEE-1547


  1. What the Interoperability requirements in IEEE 1547-2018 are and their significance to the industry. 
  2. Why the specific protocols are included in IEEE 1547-2018 and what is the best application for each. 
  3. What is the testing process in IEEE 1547.1-2020 and what are the limitations to the interoperability requirements and conformance testing. 
  4. How the new IEEE 1547-2018 interoperability capabilities can help with utility DER integration challenges.    
James Mater, GM, Smart Grid - QualityLogic, Inc.
Ben Ealey, Manager, Info and Comm Tech for DER Integration - EPRI
Babak Enayati, Manager, DG Standards and New Technology - National Grid