UU 208: Utility Project Management - Methods for Success

Jan 25, 2022
C155, First Level
Utility University

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Effective project management for electric, water, and gas utilities relies on superior implementation approaches, techniques, and skills. Implementation success for utility projects is not a given in our industry in general where as many as 80% of projects fail to meet their technical, cost, or schedule objectives. For projects which have achieved success, strong project management has proven to be the essential ingredient. The documented benefits of good project management are myriad, but the effects are easy to see: projects which deliver to their goals despite the inevitable hurdles present in any large-scale endeavor. 

Attendees will acquire:

This course distills lessons learned and best practices from successful projects into an understandable guide and roadmap for those either about to embark or currently managing a project. Students will be taken through the planning process, from the very first planning steps through the project closeout and operational transition, and how to position the organization for even greater benefit in the future. Specific guidelines, approaches, and techniques to avoid issues and maximize benefits, with examples and case studies tools will be taught. By the end of the course, the student will have gained the knowledge and key lessons learned to manage successfully based on multiple utility implementations. 

Who should attend:

All utility personnel involved in utility projects, from executive sponsors and project management to utility operational personnel, will benefit from the complete understanding of project resource needs, business impacts, customer benefits/impacts, and technology. 

Prerequisite skills, knowledge, certifications:

College education and familiarity with utility operations is helpful.


The course will examine both the art and the science of project management to achieve consistent success. The opportunities, challenges, issues, and pitfalls involved in utility project management are explored with real-life examples and case studies of utility projects which met their objectives and reaped the benefits of a successful project for their enterprises.


  • Methods to deliver projects on time, schedule, and cost
  • Better control of financial, physical, and human resources
  • Higher worker morale (less stress)
Joel Westvold, VP - E Source
Jim Ketchledge, Executive Vice President - E Source