UU 307: The Business Case for IEC 61850 and Cybersecurity

Jan 25, 2022
C154, First Level
Utility University

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As cybersecurity requirements continue to grow, utility industry vendors and suppliers are constantly challenged to keep up with the latest requirements in a cost-effective way. The purpose of this course is to familiarize attendees with the latest cybersecurity requirements, proven methods to achieve compliance, and how cost savings and enhanced business operations can be realized through the latest designs of cybersecurity infrastructures and modern communication networks.

Attendees will acquire An overview of IEC 61850 and its role in efficient information-based operations in utilities going forward.

Who should attend: Cyber security personnel, compliance managers, protection and control engineers/ managers; asset managers, system planners, maintenance personnel, utility IT personnel, operations personnel  

Prerequisite skills, knowledge, certifications: Utility operation and communication fundamentals.


  1. To understand cybersecurity requirements for electric utility data communications systems conveying operational, protection, control, and enterprise information.
  2. To grasp the unique and growing role of IEC 61850 standard services in utility operations impacting all voltage levels, along with their cybersecurity capabilities and requirements.  
  3. To review principles and examples of how cyber secure data exchanges for IEC 61850 services and other protocols are utilized to improve business operations:
    1. Improved grid monitoring, protection, and control.
    2. Reduced engineering, installation, and capital expense for substations and other systems.
    3. Enhanced utilization of grid assets and improved asset management.
    4. Maintenance programs based on complete monitoring that eliminates time-based maintenance work and field activities.
    5. Rapid, efficient, and safe restoration of failures by field crews targeted with detailed situational information.
    6. Improved grid reliability through the exposure of hidden or impending failures.
  4. To understand the interaction of existing or new back-office applications with the implementation of the most resilient cybersecurity designs.
  5. To review the processes for optimizing the continuous management and updating of the latest cybersecurity system design elements, versus those of legacy security designs.



  • An overview of IEC 61850 and its role in efficient information-based operations in utilities going forward.
  • Fundamentals of cybersecurity
  • A basic understanding of NERC CIP cybersecurity requirements and their impact on the operational technology (OT) processes.
  • Understanding of how to architect Physical Security Perimeters (PSPs) and Electronic Security Perimeters (ESPs) for IEC 61850-based substations.
  • Fundamentals of IEC 61850 security
  • Exposure to an actual use case showing the savings and efficiency potentials from deploying cybersecurity together with IEC 61850.
  • An understanding of how in-service test equipment use may be impacted by cybersecurity.
  • Understanding of how to use a virtual test environment for determining the impact of security events and attacks.
Eric Udren, Executive Advisor - Quanta Technology
Joel Greene, Director, 61850 Development - Triangle MicroWorks Inc.
Herbert Falk, Managing Director - Outside of the Box Consulting Services LLC
Mark Adamiak, Principal Consultant - Adamiak Consulting LLC