Advanced materials from aircraft improve LM6000 performance

Feb 22, 2023
W207A, Second Level
Optimizing Plant Performance

The hot section of the Stage 1 and 2 turbine blades, nozzles, and shrouds for LM6000 machines are prone to premature wear and replacement.   

Chromalloy worked to repair hardware components in the CF6-6/80C2 aircraft engine, which is equivalent to the LM6000. 

In this session, the company will present information on advanced metallurgy for Stage 1 and 2 HPT blades, nozzles, and shrouds. This will include a comparison of legacy materials vs. single-crystal material. PROENERGY will discuss applying the lessons learned to aeroderivative platforms. In addition, presenters will discuss case studies based on a practical view of single-crystal materials at third-party and WattBridge sites.

Paul DiMascio, VP Engineering - Pro Energy Services