Automated diagnostic and decision making to improve plant reliability

Feb 22, 2023
W203B, Second Level
The Evolving Power Plant

Ameren Missouri has used a centralized monitoring team to monitor its nuclear and fossil generation fleet for reliability and performance.  However, Ameren recently upgraded its monitoring platform to a “virtual subject matter expert” advanced analytics solution that utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to automatically determine the likely cause of performance and/or reliability issues based on the monitored symptoms. In addition, the solution will provide AI guidance on the most beneficial decisions or actions to be taken based on the likely diagnosis.

This presentation will discuss the overall monitoring solution at Ameren, plus early results of the DOE-sponsored program to demonstrate the automated ‘virtual SME” diagnostic and decision-making process installed at one of Ameren’s plants.

Phil Jones, Real Time Operations - Energy Management and Trading - Ameren Missouri
Randy Bickford, President - Expert Microsystems Inc