Considerations for firing hydrogen in utility-scale power boilers

Feb 22, 2023
W202B, Second Level
Environmental and Emission Controls

There is significant interest in 100% hydrogen firing or co-firing large, existing, utility-class coal, oil and natural gas equipped power boilers to achieve decarbonization goals. While no singular template exists for all retrofits of differing boiler types and styles, this session will present the key factors that influence hydrogen modifications across a range of units, including both wall-fired and tangential fired boilers.

Using coal and natural gas as a reference for comparison, the discussion will cover technical challenges faced by both large boiler types when considering a coal-to-hydrogen boiler conversion, including main burner systems, flame scanning, ignition, burner management, combustion control, and fuel gas piping systems.

Denis Osowski, Director, Technology Development - Babcock & Wilcox