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Gas turbine engine development for 100% hydrogen fuel

Feb 22, 2023
W203C, Second Level
Unlocking Hydrogen's Power Potential

The NovaLTTM16 combustion system from Baker Hughes is able to operate with fuel gas compositions up to 100% H2 while delivering 15ppm NOx when operating with natural gas. 

The case study presented during this session focuses on three 100% H2 fueled NovaLT16 gas turbines operated as part of a blue hydrogen production plant. 

The session will include results for full pressure, temperature and full-scale combustion systems, as well as beneficial effects on NOx abatement with a water injection system integrated into the fuel nozzle design.

Thomas Koeppe, Head of Business Development and Innovation - Siemens Energy
Gianluca Bartolini, Product Manager - Gas Turbines - Baker Hughes
Colleen Rimlinger, Senior Technical Sales Manager - Baker Hughes
Roberto Garcia, Sales Director Industrial Segment Turbomachinery & Process Solutions - Baker Hughes
Marco Baldini, Strategic DTI Manager for Hydrogen fueled Gas Turbines and Systems - Baker Hughes
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