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How the endgame for net-zero microgrids will need a small reactor gambit

Feb 21, 2023
W202A, Second Level
Nuclear's Small Revolution

Microgrids have been effective in creating aggregations of distributed energy resources—generation, storage and loads—for resiliency, in the form of energy security. The success of microgrids in bringing energy security to a wide range of customers—from individual residences to commercial and industrial installations to military bases—has been exemplified during power disruptions and extended outages due to extreme weather events, cybersecurity attacks, and equipment failures. Now microgrids have an opportunity to meet the challenges of climate change and contribute to a carbon-free power delivery system. Nuclear is required to provide resilience by reducing dependencies in process of providing a stable generation source to microgrids. 

In this presentation, hear how the DOE’s net-zero microgrid program is addressing modeling capabilities and applications under multiple configurations, using tools microgrid developers need to include small nuclear into feasibility studies and design. 

Brad Hartnett, Strategic Marketing Leader - GE Hitachi
Tim McJunkin, Technical Director, Net-zero Microgrid Program - Idaho National Lab
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