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Hybrid data analytics for improved CHP operations by DTE Energy

Feb 21, 2023
W203B, Second Level
The Evolving Power Plant

DTE Energy’s Dearborn Central Energy Plant (CEP) is built to be a significantly cleaner source than the existing infrastructure to generate electricity and distribute chilled water, hot water and steam to serve buildings at the Ford Dearborn Research and Engineering Campus (REC). 

The CEP consists of a combined heat and power (CHP) plant and a chilled/hot water plant for combined power and steam generation. The energy produced from the CHP is sent to DTE Electric. Steam, hot water and chilled water are sent to the REC. DTE recently installed a hybrid analytics solution that combines machine learning, advanced pattern recognition software with a physics-based heat balance “digital twin” solution to monitor and improve the performance and reliability of the plant. 


This presentation will discuss the overall hybrid solution, its capabilities and some examples of issues detected by the solution.

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