Examination of ammonia as a potential zero-carbon gas turbine fuel

Feb 22, 2023
W203C, Second Level
Unlocking Hydrogen's Power Potential

The search for zero-carbon fuels to replace existing fossil fuels has led many plant operators to examine hydrogen as an alternative gas turbine fuel. However, using hydrogen at scale has challenges: long-distance transport will require new cryogenic transport ships along with cryogenic and/or geologic storage sites. Due to these issues, ammonia is being considered as an alternative hydrogen carrier and power generation fuel in the U.S. and Asia. 

There are several advantages to ammonia as a gas turbine fuel. However, it also presents potential technical challenges that must be addressed given the differences in chemical, physical and combustion properties. These include combustor operability, power plant emissions and health and safety. There are also questions regarding the cracking of ammonia back to hydrogen, which has its own benefits and challenges.

GE and IHI jointly examined the use of ammonia as a gas turbine fuel and compared to the use of hydrogen and/or ammonia cracked back to hydrogen.  This presentation will share results of the joint study, including an assessment of advantages and challenges from both technical and economic perspectives.

Jeffrey Goldmeer, Emergent Technology Director - Decarbonization - GE Gas Power
Charlie Green, Solution & Business Development - IHI Corporation