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Hydrogen fuel: Opportunities and challenges

Feb 22, 2023
Booth #1043, Exhibit Hall
Knowledge Hub- Hydrogen

Driven by decarbonization goals, hydrogen fuel is gaining momentum around the world. As power producers deploy the use of curtailed power and demand grows for savings reductions in generating hydrogen, electrolytic green hydrogen production is significantly increasing. 

Subsequently, hydrogen can be stored, transported and used for an extensive range of purposes. As this market grows, we envision a wholesale trading market for hydrogen that will strongly benefit power as well as industrial and transportation sectors. 

This presentation will include:

  • Opportunities with decarbonizing power as well as in other hard to decarbonize industries
  • Challenges introducing hydrogen in gas turbines
  • Challenges introducing hydrogen in boilers
  • Transportation and benefits of using hydrogen for trucking and automobile industries
  • Challenges storing hydrogen for dispensing at stations
  • Benefits of using hydrogen for seasonal storage along with comparisons with battery storage
  • Challenges with new pipe construction along with the process of blending hydrogen in existing pipelines
  • A discussion of how to address issues of hydrogen embrittlement

Jaisen Mody, President and Owner - JSJS Consulting LLC
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