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Hydrogen modeling: Methodologies, limitations and real-world impacts

Feb 21, 2023
Booth #1043, Exhibit Hall
Knowledge Hub- Hydrogen

Hydrogen will play an increasingly important role in decarbonizing the global power generation sector. Many questions remain unanswered with regards to how exactly hydrogen can be integrated into existing energy flow networks and what impacts will this have on market dynamics. An accurate prediction of the evolution of hydrogen eco-systems requires a robust quantitative market modeling approach.

Mitsubishi Power has built detailed market models to study the impact of hydrogen on decarbonization goals and timelines. The company’s models capture the intricate correlations between hydrogen and other decarbonization technologies such as solar, wind, batteries and nuclear. Decarbonization strategies for power generation are optimized based on technology parameters, geographic and natural resource constraints.


This hub session will take a deep dive into Mitsubishi Power’s modeling efforts, including methodologies, limitations, and real-world impacts of model results.