Non-wires alternatives for DER integration and VOLT/VAR optimization

Feb 21, 2023
W203A, Second Level
Planning for the Electric Future

Rapid growth of distributed energy resources (DER) provides many benefits but also poses new challenges that impact power quality and distribution grid reliability. 

This presentation will focus on a case study performed for a southwest utility, which is currently experiencing power quality issues such as rapid voltage changes (RVC) and over voltages on a particular distribution feeder with significant distributed solar PV penetration. The presentation will start by showing how IEEE 1547 Standard RVC requirement is violated for rapid cloud cover or sudden tripping of distributed solar generation units. Scenarios with distribution static synchronous compensators (D-STATCOM) will be provided, which will demonstrate how to mitigate the power quality issues observed as well as how to optimally size and place the D-STATCOMs along the feeder for Volt/Var Optimization. The presentation will offer a hosting capacity analysis that illustrates how the D-STATCOMs enable increased distributed solar PV penetration for this feeder while keeping the feeder voltage within ANSI C84.1 Standard voltage range.

Sercan Teleke, Principal Engineer - Mitsubishi Electric Power Products, Inc.