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Nuclear as a critical pathway to achieving net-zero by mid-century

Feb 22, 2023
W202A, Second Level
Nuclear's Small Revolution

Recent innovations in advanced nuclear are opening opportunities for nuclear to provide customers with safe, reliable carbon free energy closer to where it is needed.  
Small modular reactors (SMRs) and microreactors promise even greater flexibility than the conventional nuclear fleet, with some plants comprising multiple units that can scale for power when and where it’s needed. High-quality steam from nuclear plants can be broken down via electrolysis with significant potential for clean hydrogen production. The thermal energy derived from nuclear systems can also be used to heat communities, provide clean drinking water through desalination or power other energy-intensive manufacturing processes like oil refining.  
This presentation will focus on the challenges and opportunities for new nuclear in a world increasingly committed to achieving decarbonization goals. It will highlight what the investment community should know about nuclear’s safety and reliability record, ESG credentials and alternative funding options for new nuclear projects. 

Ning Kang, Department Manager - Idaho National Laboratory
Brad Hartnett, Strategic Marketing Leader - GE Hitachi
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