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Online health monitoring for extending calibration intervals of safety-related instruments at nuclear plants

Feb 21, 2023
W202A, Second Level
Nuclear's Small Revolution

The ability to extend calibration intervals for nuclear plant instrumentation has multiple benefits for improving productivity and reducing operating costs at plants. Benefits include fewer calibrations, inside containment during an outage, reduced critical path time and ALARA exposure, reduced risk of calibration error or instrument damage during removal and replacement and reduced operations and maintenance costs for instrument removal, calibration and replacement.  
This session will outline how online monitoring solutions with machine learning and AI can be used to provide a high level of confidence that safety critical sensors are performing within acceptable limits, allowing for the extension of the calibration intervals. A summary of the regulatory framework for extending calibration intervals of safety related instruments for U.S. based nuclear power plants will be included to address the necessary changes to licensing, plant processes and procedures, training and configuration management. 

Tom McDonnell, Sr. Director, Energy Solutions, Energy Transition and Decarbonization - HOLT CAT
Randy Bickford, President - Expert Microsystems Inc
Deepak Khajouria - Expert Microsystems, Inc.
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