Repowering a coal-fired plant with hydrogen: Making the dream a reality

Feb 21, 2023
W203C, Second Level
Unlocking Hydrogen's Power Potential

Rankine-cycle coal to natural gas conversions have been implemented in some locations throughout the world, but a conversion from coal to 100% hydrogen has never been done at a utility-scale power plant. Significant questions still need to be addressed regarding the hydrogen repowering of coal plants.

Tallgrass MLP Operations is working toward converting a nominal 250 MW coal-fired power plant to 90-100% hydrogen.

This presentation will discuss data from a recently completed feasibility study, along with lessons learned from other coal-to-hydrogen conversion and co-firing studies. 

Una Nowling, Global Technology Leader, Fuels and Combustion - Black & Veatch
John Mitchell, Process Engineer - Tallgrass Energy