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Taking DLN gas turbine hydrogen blending to the next level

Feb 21, 2023
Booth #1043, Exhibit Hall
Knowledge Hub- Hydrogen

Climate change, energy independence, renewable power and the hydrogen economy are among the terms used to describe society’s most pressing challenges. The major question is, how do we resolve our situation?  

Many believe hydrogen is poised to play a major role in addressing climate change. In power generation, its advantages include fuel flexibility through the ability to blend hydrogen with natural gas. Gas turbines demonstrating hydrogen capabilities will be a steppingstone as we blaze the path to a net-zero future.

This presentation will highlight a recent case study focused on a hydrogen and natural gas blending project conducted at Southern Company/Georgia Power’s Plant McDonough. The combined cycle plant includes a Mitsubishi Power M501G gas turbine with a nameplate load of 265 MW at baseload and a dry, low NOx (DLN) combustion system. 

Bobby Noble, Gas Turbine Programs Manager - EPRI
Jeff Wilson, Fleet Modernization R&D Manager - Southern Company
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