The H2-Orange initiative: Finding solutions for the decarbonized world

Feb 21, 2023
W203C, Second Level
Unlocking Hydrogen's Power Potential

In 2019, Duke Energy completed a 15 MW combined heat and power (CHP) plant at the Clemson University campus. 

A follow-up project, known as H2-Orange, will evaluate multiple forms of hydrogen production, including green hydrogen. In particular, Siemens Energy will study using its Silyzer electrolyzer to produce hydrogen to help power the existing SGT-400 natural gas turbine at the Clemson plant. 

The presentation will discuss approaches for how decarbonization can be achieved with hydrogen and how to leverage the benefits of CHP power plants for district energy and university applications.

Thomas Koeppe, Head of Business Development and Innovation - Siemens Energy
Peter Hoeflich, Director of Generation Technology - Duke Energy