Using BIM tools for physical-functional plant integration

Feb 21, 2023
W202A, Second Level
Nuclear's Small Revolution

To reduce cost, improve schedule and mitigate error, new nuclear facility designs must minimize requirements and demands placed on essential systems, structures, and components.


To accomplish this minimization and interface, a data-based 3D model is required, an established concept in Building Information Modeling (BIM). 

For example, barrier requirements such as fire rating and ventilation drive requirements for materials, quality, layout, detailing, dampers, seals, doors and more. Integrating and automating these correlated requirements is essential to reduce cost and mitigate error. 

This presentation will feature a use case for an integrated functional-physical model. A vision for future input and integration to operations will also be discussed, in which the model can act as a digital twin for procurement, erection, and operations.

Michael Marohl, Senior Manager - Sargent & Lundy LLC