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Why air gap is a policy and not the solution

Feb 22, 2023
Booth #2636, Exhibit Hall
Knowledge Hub- Digitalization and Optimization

The energy sector and electrical power distribution are essential for day-to-day operations, yet it frequently reports some of the highest rates of cyber incidents on their Operational Technology (OT) systems. With critical infrastructure and OT systems emerging as the next battleground for cyberattacks, discussions of IT and OT digital convergence, and recent government guidelines and executive orders, securing these systems is a must.  

Critical infrastructure organizations have three concerns when it comes to cybersecurity and the risk of an attack: the safety of its employees, revenue stream, and business continuity. This presentation will help attendees understand the attack patterns against the OT systems within critical infrastructure, the threats to air-gapped networks, and how to defend against them. We’ll also address the dichotomy between IT and OT that still exists despite the buzz around convergence, and what is needed in order for these two teams to come together in the event of a breach to protect all levels of the business, from the plant floor to the top floor.  

From managing risk to meeting compliance requirements, attendees will learn best practices when it comes to securing IT and OT communications and air-gapped networks.