Focus in only on the specific niche of individuals you want to reach.

We understand the value of a truly targeted email campaign. Increased open rates. Increased CTR. This can prove to be a much better-performing tactic than to reach out to a massive group. Let us help your company narrow in on your key demographics.



Email List Rental

Target our audience to promote your company, launch a new product or promote your networking event. Choose your list and provide the HTML.

Select your list by such qualifications as:
• Organization type
• Job function
• Purchasing influence
• Form of energy
• Industry
• Geography

Mobile App Push Notification

Your company message sent to attendees who registered for mobile updates at one (1) scheduled time each day Sunday-Thursday. Message length may not exceed 100 characters per text. Delivery times based on set schedule, first come first serve. Each company message will be sent separate and apart from any other company message or from event management messaging.

Company to provide text message to be sent, by day by time, for review and approval no later than  Friday, December 15, 2019.

Pre-Event Email to Registered Attendees

Target our event-specific audience to promote your booth number and location, launch a new product or promote your networking event. You provide the HTML.

Onsite Welcome Email

Increase brand awareness and distinguish your company from your competitors with a welcome email.

• Exclusive options available for Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.
• Sent to attendees as they check in at registration to receive their badge, branding on this exclusive email is the perfect way to maximize your exposure and be top of mind with prospective buyers as they walk into the event and exhibit floor
• Company can either provide an html that is ready to send (can’t exceed width of 600px) or a header image (600x 100) + text that Clarion Event Management will place into an HTML format.

Post-Event Email to Verified Attendees

Target our event-specific audience to thank booth visitors, remind attendees of a new product or follow up. You provide the HTML.

Social Media Boost – Facebook or Twitter

Alignment with Editorial
Your post will come from our trusted brand increasing the value of your message.

Traffic Driver
Links drive decision-makers directly to your sponsored Webcasts, White Papers, Video, or other content.

Brand Awareness
Elevates your brand’s awareness to a targeted audience of industry professionals and aligns your message with relevant and respected content.

Social Engagement
Generate interest and increase engagement with industry professionals active on social media.

Social Media Specifications

Facebook Boost

• URL to your Facebook company page (to tag your company for additional exposure)
• URL to your preferred landing page (i.e. your website, whitepaper, etc.)

Body Copy
250 characters or less

Link Headline
75 character max

25 characters or less with more details about the landing page

Image Dimensions*

Image Format
.png, .gif, .jpg (no animated .gif, Flash, or tags)

*IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: Facebook, Inc. algorithms will grade your image by how much text it contains (this includes logos, watermarks and numbers). Images with little or no text will be given maximum audience reach.  Images with greater than 20% text will have severely restricted reach. Please design with this rule in mind. 

Twitter Boost

+ Click-through URL

Body Copy
Up to 120 characters of body text (recommended 100 or less).

Optional Image Headline
Up to 70 characters

Optional Hashtags
Up to 2 hashtags (contained in body text)

Optional Twitter Handle
Up to 1 Twitter @handle (contained in body text)

Optional Image Dimensions

Optional Image Format
.png, .gif, .jpg (no animated .gif, Flash, or tags)

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