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POWERGEN International® is a business and networking hub for electricity generators, utilities, and solution providers engaged in power generation. 

The purpose of POWERGEN International® is to shape the future of generation together with our exhibitors and attendees.  If your company’s products, technologies, or knowledge provide solutions for the generation industry then you’ll want to be sure the sector knows what you have to offer.

Find out more about POWERGEN International®’s unrivaled access to the industry’s decision-makers, innovators, and next generation of entrepreneurs.


Covering the Full Energy Mix


Conventional fossil fuel-powered generation maintains its dominant position in the energy mix and is expected to continue playing a significant role for several decades. The Energy Information Administration's short-term energy outlook predicts fossil-fueled power plants to contribute over 65% of the U.S. energy mix until 2050. POWERGEN's exhibitor lineup encompasses a diverse range of industry participants, from major OEMs to smaller component manufacturers involved in the coal and natural gas supply chain.


We are dedicated to extensively covering the evolving electric power markets and cutting-edge technologies. Our primary focus is to educate and inform the entire power market about the crucial role of renewables in shaping the future. Serving as a dynamic forum, POWERGEN brings together utilities, developers, and industry experts under one roof, facilitating meaningful discussions and fostering a comprehensive understanding of the entire energy mix. 



Cogeneration and On-Site Power

POWERGEN raises awareness of cogeneration, onsite and distributed generation and their roles in the overall generation industry. It will continue to focus on reciprocating engines, emphasizing natural gas, hydrogen, diesel, biogas and other fuel sources. These gen-sets can be found at hospitals, oil drilling sites, mining sites, commercial properties, microgrids, peaker-power plants and datacenters; as well as on the grid for added support when the grid alone isn’t enough.

Take Advantage!

Choosing to exhibit at POWERGEN presents numerous advantages. From heightened visibility and expanded networking opportunities to the ability to showcase products, generate leads, and gather valuable market insights, exhibiting provides a platform for companies to establish their brand, demonstrate industry leadership, and drive long-term business growth.

What Our Exhibitors Say

Visibility and Brand Exposure

Exhibitors can showcase their products, services, and innovations to a targeted audience of industry professionals. 

Networking Opportunities

Exhibitors can connect directly with potential customers, partners, suppliers, and industry experts.

Lead Generation

By exhibiting at POWERGEN, companies can capture leads and contact information from interested prospects who visit their booth. 

Product Demonstrations and Education

Exhibitors can conduct live demonstrations of their products and technologies, allowing attendees to see firsthand how their solutions work and the benefits they offer. 

Market Research and Feedback

Exhibiting provides an opportunity to gather feedback from industry professionals about products, services, and market trends.

Promotion and Marketing

POWERGEN typically promotes its exhibitors through various marketing channels, including the event website, social media, email campaigns, and printed materials.

Stay Competitive

Exhibiting at industry events like POWERGEN allows companies to stay competitive by staying visible in the market, keeping up-to-date with industry trends, and showcasing their latest innovations. 



Join us in Dallas, Texas and meet key buyers and decision makers from the global power generation industry.

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