POWERGEN Connect is a complimentary meeting platform open to all attendees and exhibitors. Connect allows you to search, connect and schedule meetings with exhibitors (if you are an attendee) or attendees (if you are an exhibitor).

Connect will be available October 1, 2020 allowing you plenty of time to start planning for a successful event!

Ready for Connect?

Ready for Connect?

Your Connect experience starts well before the platform goes live.

  • When attendees register for POWERGEN they complete demographic questions that include which products and services they are interested in sourcing.
  • Exhibitors complete the same set of questions within their exhibitor portal regarding types of products and services they offer.
  • It’s critical to complete these as accurately as possible for connections and recommendations to best match your interests.
  • Connect is best used when planning for the event, so you can schedule and plan your meetings before arriving on-site.
How will Connect Work?

How will Connect Work?

  • Connect will go live October 1, 2020 – pre-registered attendees and exhibitors will receive immediate instructions on how to login
  • Upon log-in attendees will be able to request meetings with exhibitors based on the products and services they are interested in and exhibitors will be able to send requests to attendees they want to reach.
  • Besides being able to search for these connections, the platform’s technology will also recommend connections based on mutually matched product and sourcing interests.
  • Mutual acceptance of meeting requests is required on both the attendee and exhibitor side before it is scheduled
  • Additional limitations and calculated measures have been put in place to protect our POWERGEN audience and stray true to our mission of helping build meaningful and relevant relationships and connection!