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The Power Park is a new area on the show floor focused on enabling connections and conversation around navigating the energy transition toward Destination 2050. Come immerse yourself in the experience including:

Meeting House


Connect with new contacts and old friends! Schedule a meeting in the mobile app to reserve a table for peer-to-peer meetings throughout the event. 

Charge-it Corner

Siemens Charging Station

Is your battery drained? Have no fear - charging stations are here! Grab a spot and charge up your computer and phone or even hop on a video call.

The Studio


Is your LinkedIn profile picture looking like a flashback to the Millennium? This is the perfect opportunity to refresh your professional headshot, compliments of POWERGEN.

Tuesday: 10 AM — 6 PM
Wednesday: 10 AM — 5 PM
Thursday: Closed

Happy Heights

PGI22 Corn Hole

Join in on the games and throw around some bean bags, refine your foul shot, and more in this fun zone. 

Smoothie Gym

Smoothie Bike

Get powered up (pun intended) on bikes that spin into fresh smoothies – two in one – a workout and a post-workout.

Tuesday: 11 AM — 5 PM
Wednesday: 11 AM — 4 PM
Thursday: 9 AM — 1 PM

Bark Park

Puppy Playground

Let’s be honest… who can resist those puppy dog eyes? Plus, they will all be available for adoption at the show. Come snap a selfie and give your new pet a pet.

Tuesday: 10 AM — 2 PM
Wednesday: 10 AM — 2 PM
Thursday: Closed

Coffee Café

PGI22 Coffee Bar

Stay caffeinated and reenergize your body and brain with a fresh cup of joe.

Tuesday: 10 AM – 6 PM
Wednesday: 10 AM – 5 PM
Thursday: 9 AM – 1 PM

Power Pub

PGI22 Bar network

It's five o'clock somewhere... so stop by the pub for a sip to take a load off.

Tuesday: 12 PM — 6 PM
Wednesday: 12 PM — 5 PM
Thursday: 11 AM — 1 PM