Decarbonization – Getting to 2035: Technology Interdependencies and Options - the View from “The Trenches” Across the Globe

Jan 27, 2022
Hall A
Leadership Summit
Heads of companies and thought leaders discuss specific challenges they have to meet their decarbonization goals or those set by government agencies, and how R&D can help individual companies and industries. The panel would focus on specific challenges and opportunities industries are facing, on electrification and its limits, and on specific measures/technologies needed.
Neil Wilmshurst, Sr. VP Energy System Resources - EPRI
Dan Ford, Managing Director & Head of North America Utilities Equity Research - UBS
Bryan Hanson, EVP & Chief Generation Officer - Exelon
Donna DeCarolis, President - National Fuel Gas Distribution Corp.
Mirko Düsel, Senior Vice President Generation Service - Siemens Energy