Meeting the Infrastructure Needs of the Net-Zero Future

Jan 27, 2022
Hall A
Leadership Summit

The always complicated process forced upon developers and builders of new projects for the energy sector gets more challenging and problematic every year. Financial constraints, technology, and connectivity needs, regulatory hurdles, political pressures, and, last but not least, environmental goals and challenges are not always in alignment, so utilities and their partners have hard rows to hoe in bringing those together. A significant part of our build strategy is now planning for weather-related challenges with hurricanes, wildfires, and other natural disasters.  How do we prepare ourselves to keep the grid and infrastructure online or restore as quickly as possible when disaster strikes?  This session will look at how both utilities, developers, and partners navigate the building and install the intelligent equipment needed for Destination 2050. 

Jason Porter, President, Public Sector & FirstNet - AT&T Services, Inc.
Antonio Cammisecra, Head of Global Infrastructure & Networks - Enel Group
Dave Rhéaume, Senior Director – Business Development, Strategies and Relations Outside Québec - Hydro-Quebec