Are manuscripts/papers required?

No; however, all speakers participating in either a 20-minute individual presentation or panel discussion are encouraged to submit a PowerPoint presentation if they would like to be included in the online conference proceedings. Attendees will be able to download a copy of your presentation after the conference concludes. 

Are speakers compensated for speaking?

Clarion Events does not compensate speakers for travel expenses or provide an honorarium. We do, however, provide one complimentary registration per 20-minute individual presentation and up to five complimentary registrations for panels. All speakers are responsible for their own travel expenses.

Do sponsors of tracks get preferential consideration of their speaking submissions?

No. It is the goal of the advisory committee to weigh all submissions individually without any consideration as to whether the submitter/speakers are an exhibitor or sponsor. Preference is given to submissions that include a utility power producer or independent power producer.

When does the Call for Speakers close?

Now closed.

Who reviews the Call for Speaker Submissions?

POWERGEN has an advisory committee comprised of utility and vendor representatives who carefully review, score, discuss and select all speakers.  

Why are you asking for a first choice and second choice track?

The advisory committee is composed of subcommittees for each track. Speaking submissions are reviewed by the subcommittees of your first and second choice tracks so every submission providing two choices will have twice the opportunity to be considered.  The first choice subcommittee has the first right of refusal.  Should they decline your submission then the second choice subcommittee has the option to take it.

What are my first and second Choice track options?

You can find the list of tracks and descriptions here.

What are the committee members looking for when considering a speaking submission?

All speaking submissions are scored on a scale of 1-10 based on innovation, the limit of commercial presentation, degree of interest to the POWERGEN audience, and participation of a utility generator or independent power producer in the presentation. 

Will the committee decline a speaking submission without a utility presenter?

No. Advisory committee members recognize that many solution providers invest a lot of resources to create new and innovative technologies that are important to the power generation industry. They will consider all submissions types. However, they will not select commercial submissions that promote a companies’ product.

When will I be notified if my speaking submission is accepted or not?

The committee will review and score all submissions in June and meet to select speakers in July.  Conference management is expected to notify the accepted speakers in August.

What if my submission is not accepted? When will I be notified?

Once accepted speakers are confirmed and the program is finalized, conference management will send an email to individuals whose submissions were not selected. This should happen by October 1.

If accepted, do I have to submit a paper?

If accepted, you will be asked to provide a draft of the PowerPoint presentation within 45 days of the conference so session moderators can review them and provide feedback. A paper is not required.