Keynote Address

January 27, 2022 | 8:30 AM - 10:00 AM CT | Hall A

Day Two will open with a keynote address by Rick Perry, Former U.S. Secretary of Energy and Governor of Texas, in which he will provide insight on the current and emerging energy markets and how the energy sector should be positioning itself to achieve both a smooth and robust energy transition. 

Rick Perry

Rick Perry is best known nationally as the Department of Energy Secretary for two years under the Trump Administration. In Texas, he was a longtime governor who oversaw the nation’s largest expansion of utility-scale wind power.

The Lone Star State’s embrace of wind generation began with policies under then Gov. George W. Bush. When Bush was elected president, new Gov. Perry helped push the state to meet and exceed even more ambitious goals for renewable energy installation and integration.

Perry sent a goal for 10,000 MW renewables by 2025. Texas exceeded that and has reached more than 18,000 MW of wind power alone, according to reports.

According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, Texas far and away leads the nation in wind power and generates 28 percent of the nationwide wind-powered electricity. By 2020, Texas wind power generated twice as much electricity as the state’s two high-capacity nuclear power plants, according to the EIA.

During his tenure as the longest-serving Governor in Texas history, Rick Perry was steadfast in his belief that the soul of innovation lies within the hearts and minds of the people we entrust with driving it, not an overreaching, impractical federal government. To that end, he devoted himself to the task of restoring a proper balance between the bureaucracy of Washington and the will of the citizens he had sworn to uplift and advocate for. In doing so, he transformed the lone-star state into a bonafide economic powerhouse and a testament to the kind of prosperity possible when the government chooses to empower those committed to American ingenuity.

Rick Perry