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New Energy Mix

New Energy Mix

Decentralized power, including flexible gen-sets, CHP, and co-generation are evolving to meet the needs of isolated and industrial facilities. These power supply technologies can be found at hospitals, oil drilling sites, data centers, and any other site that needs continuous power. On-site power generators used for emergency backup or for primary power are connected to a wide array of sectors that keep the economy going. Gensets also are being installed to provide grid support. The speakers in this Hub will present the latest applications and uses for the versatile gensets available today. 

  • CHP
  • When to go (and not to go) microgrid
  • On-site gas and diesel technologies
  • Energy security and backup
  • Gen-set ratings
  • Hybrid technologies
  • ISO standards
  • Reciprocating engines
  • Load following
  • Responses to regulatory change
  • Disaster response
  • Mobile turbines
  • Renewables

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Trends in Conventional Power

Trends in Conventional PowerRenewable generation continues to become a larger part of the electricity generation mix. Conventional power, however, remains and will continue to be the biggest contributor to the nation’s energy mix for years to come. Coal-fired plants are retiring, and in many places, natural gas is moving in.  In addition, nuclear power is still a major contributor to the generation mix in the U.S. and other parts of the world and it is carbon-free. Learn about the latest trends and technologies that are being implemented to keep this conventional power plants running efficiently and smoothly.

  • Cycling
  • Carbon capture and other clean coal innovations
  • Improving modern coal fleet economics
  • Flue gas treatment
  • Coal ash and other environmental challenges
  • Decommissioning
  • International market developments
  • Next-gen turbines of all sizes
  • Fuel flexibility
  • Design and performance
  • Combustion optimization
  • Peaker plants
  • Load following and cycling
  • Combined cycle
  • O&M challenges
  • LNG impact, opportunities, and challenges
  • Renewables

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Renewables and Energy Storage

RenewablesWith so many state and local low-carbon energy goals now in the books, meeting those goals will be the challenge of the next decade. What are the technologies, methodologies, processes, and programs being used to make today’s grid more sustainable? Sessions in this hub explore solar PV, energy storage, and microgrids and the impacts they are having on the grid.

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These informative sessions are a mix of curated content from our advisory committee, in-house content team, and industry associations and also include some sponsored sessions. The sessions are 25 minutes long (approximately 20-minute presentations and 5 minute Q&A), and will include case studies.