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Bill Mangan

Bill Mangan

Operations and Maintenance Manager, Kissimmee Utility Authority (KUA)
Bill Mangan is the Operations and Maintenance Manager at the Cane Island Power Park, a 750 MW gas power plant located in Central Florida. Bill's career started in 1998 with the US Navy. Over a period of 14 years, Bill served on multiple submarines, in multiple leadership roles, to include power plant mechanic, Division Officer on the USS PITTSBURGH and USS TUCSON, Project Manager for the Afghan National Police in Kabul, Afghanistan, and Chief Engineer on the USS HELENA. After leaving active duty, Bill worked with Nextera Energy, at the St. Lucie Nuclear Station. At St. Lucie, Bill served as an operations instructor, leading the electronic work package program development and training, and Mechanical Maintenance Department Head, where he led over 60 nuclear mechanics, welders, machinist, non-destructive testing specialist, and weld engineers. Bill has been working with KUA/FMPA for three years as the O&M Manager at Cane Island.