Jacob Tuttle

Jacob Tuttle

CTO, Taber International, LLC.
Dr. Jacob Tuttle is the President and CTO of Taber International. He has been involved in applied artificial intelligence and the process industry throughout his career. He received his PhD from the Department of Chemical Engineering at the University of Utah in 2020 where he investigated the development and application of closed-loop intelligent combustion control to transient operation at coal-fired power plants. Today, Dr. Tuttle and Taber work to develop and apply advanced process optimization systems to realize efficiency improvements, emission reductions, quality control, and other control objectives at numerous unique and challenging processes. He is also involved in research activities with Reaction Engineering International (REI) and the San Rafael Energy Research Center (SRERC) investigating deployments of AI to a variety of applications and performing experimental testing for everything from combustion burner development to material degradation prediction and analysis.