Kevin Coleman

Kevin Coleman

Empowerment Coach, Trainer, and Speaker, KMC Empowerment, LLC
United States
Effective communication is possibly one of the most neglected skills in today's social media-driven society. Our speaker here today will help us learn that when connecting with people will improve our communication both personally and professionally. He has over 35 years of experience in public speaking and during his tenure in the military, private industry, non-profit, and the federal government he has led with authentic yet transformational leadership which makes him a sought-after executive coach, and trainer. He has coached individuals and groups from entrepreneurs, non-profit business owners, academia leaders, public servants, government executives, and community leaders. Through the coaching, his clients have seen extreme performance improvements that have impacted their bottom line and the return on investment is outstanding! Through executive coaching, empowering speeches, DEI Training, and Professional Development Training he has helped make individuals and organizations successful. This is done through inspiring leaders to define a clear vision, mission, and value systems that lead to exponential personal, professional, business, and team growth. Kevin has been recognized as a winner of the BIG Region XI President Leadership Award and was awarded the Virginia Professional Leadership Award. Now as a John Maxwell Team trainer and coach he has coached individuals and companies to improve their results and achieve increased productivity through leadership, communication, personality assessment, personal and professional growth training.