Kevin Lauzze

Kevin Lauzze

Vice President & Project Director, Sargent & Lundy
Kevin Lauzze is a Vice President and Project Director at Sargent & Lundy. He received a Bachelors and Masters Degree in Chemical Engineering from the Illinois Institute of Technology prior to joining Sargent & Lundy. Prior to becoming a project director, Kevin worked in various capacities throughout the company, including process lead, mechanical lead, and project manager for a range of utility and industrial clients. Building on his background in process engineering and environmental controls, Kevin worked first as the lead engineer and later as the project manager for the Owner’s Engineer Support of the Petra Nova Project, the largest CO2 capture facility installed on a coal-fired power plant in the world. Since then, Kevin has continued to work on CO2 capture projects, and is currently responsible for overseeing and developing the carbon capture, utilization, and storage work performed by Sargent & Lundy.