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Mahesh Morjaria

Mahesh Morjaria

EVP, Plant Operational Technology, Terabase Energy
United States
Mahesh leads Terabase's new operational technology group, delivering SCADA, controls and related solutions for solar and hybrid fuel source systems. Prior to Terabase, Mahesh co-founded REPlantSolutions, that provided advanced solar plant technologies and know-how developed at First Solar. He led utility-scale solar R&D and grid integration at First Solar for nearly a decade. He has established himself as an industry-recognized leader in solar generation and in addressing challenges associated with integrating solar into the power grid. He led the development of plant-level controls that enabled utility-scale plants to provide grid friendly capability required to support bulk power system stability and reliability. He has also led several pioneering efforts demonstrating increased value of solar through reliability services and flexibility. Mahesh previously worked at GE for twenty years where he held various leadership positions including a significant role in wind energy. His academic credits include B.Tech from IIT Bombay and M.S. & Ph.D. from Cornell University.