Michael Marohl

Michael Marohl

Senior Manager, Sargent & Lundy LLC
Michael Marohl is a senior manager responsible for providing leadership, technical direction, and project/program management within Sargent &Lundy’s Nuclear Power Group. He is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin – Madison and the Illinois Institute of Technology, with degrees in Civil and Environmental Engineering and Structural Engineering, and is a licensed Professional Engineer. Mr. Marohl has over 15 years of nuclear industry experience providing various consulting services in structural engineering. He has experience with plant services and modifications, and has significant experience in new generation nuclear facility design and construction support. Mr. Marohl is a technical leader in the areas of reinforced concrete design, modular design, buried commodity design, and configuration management. Mr. Marohl has served on ASME B&PV code committees and has a passion for efficiency, the nuclear industry, and pushing the envelop wherever prudent.