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Peter Belmonte

Peter Belmonte

Vice President, Commercial Development, Quanta Infrastructure Solutions Group
United States
Mr. Belmonte is a trusted executive advisor in the Power Generation and Oil and Gas Sectors with over 30 years of experience. He is a leader in siting/development /permitting large complex capital projects including power generation, Hydrogen, biofuels, GTL and Carbon Capture (CCS). Currently, he is focusing on EPC of battery energy storage systems, solar and Hydrogen development projects. He has evaluated and/or permitted several CCS systems including Futuregen 1.0 & 2.0, Kemper County, and NRG's Petra Nova CCS Project which was the only commercially demonstrated system in the US. Mr. Belmonte is a licensed PE in the State of NY. He is experienced in performing transaction advisory services and risk assessments on numerous power assets in the US and has permitted well over 7000 MW of power generation projects in the state of Texas, hundreds of MWs of APC retrofit projects, started up/commissioned SUEZ's TRAC-10 projects and performed construction management of WTE retrofits.