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Tyler McCall

Tyler McCall

President & CEO, Rafter J. Industries

Tyler McCall is the founder and CEO of Rafter J. He is actively involved in all aspects of the company, driving significant year-over-year growth since inception. His current focus is supporting the expansion of the organization’s service offering to provide construction services in addition to heavy equipment rentals and trucking. Mr. McCall’s background spans across several large organizations which have provided years of experience with blue-chip companies and managing large projects and teams. Specifically, his previous roles all required disciplined management of numerous personnel and vendors – both on- and off-site to ensure projects were completed as scheduled and within budget. This mindset has been ingrained since the start of his career and has served as a pillar of Rafter J’s operation from inception. Prior to founding Rafter J, he was with Concho Oil & Gas where he managed numerous highly technical development projects and was tasked with the oversight of more than 100 employees. Mr. McCall has continuously been identified as a leader among his peers and has received recognition for his unwavering commitment to the safety and well-being of those who report to him.