Speaker Agreement Due: Immediately

Update Speaker Profile (log in here): Coming Soon

Draft of Presentation due (from individual speakers only, not panelists, instructors, or poster presenters): Coming Soon

Deadline by which you should hear from your session chair: Coming Soon

If you have any questions, please contact Gabriella Cecere, gabriella.cecere@clarionevents.com



What date/time is my session? 

You can log into the Speaker Hub to see the dates/times of your associated sessions. The online conference display will be live soon, including room numbers 

Which room will my presentation be in? 

Sessions for POWERGEN 2022 are located in the Level 2 D meeting rooms of the Kay Bailey Hutchinson Convention Center in Dallas, TX.  Knowledge Hubs will be in 2 presentation theatres on the exhibit floor with 1 Renewables hub for both DISTRIBUTECH and POWERGEN. Room assignments are available by logging in as a speaker or by going to the online conference display.

How long do I have to speak? 

Conference sessions are 1.5 hours long.  Knowledge Hubs sessions are 30 minutes or 1 hour. For 30-minute presentations, please plan for 20-25 minutes including Q&A.  If you are in a panel session the amount of introductory time you have will be determined by your panel moderator. Please consult with them.  

How many speakers are there in the session and who are they? 

You can find that information under your session log in now or the online conference display. 

When should I arrive? 

Speakers should be in the room or theatre where they are scheduled to speak at least 30 minutes before their presentation to download it onto the computer BEFORE the session starts.  There will be an AV tech on hand to assist and a committee chair to introduce you. 

What should I bring? 

Speakers should bring their presentation on a USB. The presentation should be downloaded to the desktop and accessed from there. Show management will not be able to provide access to any previously loaded presentations.  If your utility does not allow for use of a USB, please go to the Speaker Ready Room where USBs and computer access will be provided to save your presentation.

Do we need to meet ahead of time? 

This is entirely up to your session chair. Please confirm when they contact you in the 30 days before the conference.

What audio/visual equipment is provided? 

Screen, projector, podium microphone, laser pointer and a laptop computer.   Plan to prepare your presentation in 16:9 format (HD). 

How do I supply my presentation? 

On a USB for the presentation.  Beforehand you'll be asked to upload a draft of the presentation to our password protected website for your session chair to review. 

Do I need to prepare handouts? 

With electronic access to your presentation via our password protected site you can upload your handouts before or after your presentation for attendees to download. 

Am I registered? 

All primary speakers, panelists, panel moderators and session chairs will receive a link from the conference manager to log in and register.  Speakers receiving complimentary badges, chairs/committee can pick up their badges onsite beginning Sunday, May 22nd.  

What does my registration cover? 

Your registration will cover entrance to both the POWERGEN and DISTRIBUTECH exhibit floors, conference sessions, coffee breaks Wednesday through Friday, access to the conference online presentations and the networking receptions. 

What do I do to add breakfast to my complimentary registration? 

You can add this to your registration and pay for it through the link sent by the conference manager. 

Can I get internet access for my presentation? 

Internet will be available in the conference session rooms and the public areas of the convention center, however, we have found the internet in most convention centers to be unreliable for use in making presentations.  We recommend planning accordingly. 

Is there a speaker ready room? 

Yes.  You'll find stations to review your presentation and make changes if necessary.  Staff will be available to assist you with uploading your final presentation to the website for access by the conference attendees. Speaker Ready Room for both POWERGEN and DISTRIBUTECH speakers will be located in Room C156 on the lower level of the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center in Dallas. 

In which order do speakers present? 

Generally, speakers present in the order in which they are listed in the mobile app, website, and show guide.  If there appears to be a discrepancy in the order, we will defer to the order on the website and mobile app unless your moderator instructs you otherwise.

Is there a slide template we are required to use? 

Yes.  The template is available at the Speakers Hub.  

We request you use this template for your opening and closing slides.  Remember, vendor company logos are acceptable only on the opening and closing slides.  Utility logos are permissible on all slides.

When will I be contacted by my session chair? 

Your information will be given to the chair of your session about 30 days out from the conference.  They will review your uploaded presentation and will be asked to contact you prior to the event.

I uploaded my presentation for the chair’s review but it’s not the final one. How can I upload the final presentation for the conference proceedings? 

You can upload it the same way you uploaded your draft.  Or, go to the Speaker Ready Room beginning Sunday, May 25 where a staff member will assist you with uploading the final presentation if you have any problems. When uploading your final presentation, please put "FINAL" in the title.